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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 1/1-1/31/14

In Foreign Affairs on January 31, 2014 at 9:27 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax Media’s Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from January 1 – January 31. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (‘Daily Briefs’) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (‘Analysis’) do require a subscription to the site.

Jan 31 – Israel: Anti-Zionist Sentenced to Prison for Iran Spying Offer

Jan 31 – United Kingdom: Snowden Scandal Sparks Spy Chief Departure

Jan 30 – Britain Becomes Key Battleground for Euroskeptic Movement

Jan 30 – Serbia: President Calls Early Elections

Jan 30 – Chile/Peru: Border Ruling Accepted As Mutual Victory

Jan 29 – China: Atrocious Pollution Clouds Xi’s Record

Jan 29 – Yemen: Unsuccessful National Dialogue Causes Uncertainty–Unsuccessful-National-Dialogue-Leaves-Uncer

Jan 28 – Radical Islamists Pose New Threat in Ungovernable Congo

Jan 27 – Greenland Hopes Arctic Bonanza Will Bring Independence

Jan 25 – Philippines: Government Nets Another Major Drug Haul

Jan 25 – Bolivia: Morales Vows to Go Nuclear

Jan 25 – Guinea: New Opposition-Free Government Brings Trouble

Jan 24 – Religious Tensions Threaten Malaysia’s Economic Success

Jan 23 – Greece: Escaped Fugitive Vows Terrorist Attacks for Austerity

Jan 23 – Burkina Faso: Opposition Expresses Anger At Presidential Ambitions

Jan 23 – Chile Sanctions Anti-Israel Sports Team

Jan 22 – Israel Scores Diplomatic Points With UAE Visit

Jan 22 – Thailand: Over Two Dozen Wounded in Grenade Attack on Protestors

Jan 22 – Colombia: Clashes With FARC Rebels Mark End of Ceasefire

Jan 18 – Myanmar: Buddhist Mob Kills Muslims in Rampage

Jan 18 – Spain: Protestors Riot Against Government

Jan 18 – Nigeria Purges Military Commanders

Jan 17 – As Oil Output Declines, Populism Pushes Ecuador into Corner

Jan 16 – China: Xi Crackdown on ‘Malignant’ Corruption Targets 37,000

Jan 16 – Russia Pledges to Boost Hungary’s Nuclear Power Capacity

Jan 16 – Rwanda: President Threatens Dissidents Will ‘Pay the Price’–President-Threatens-Dissidents-Will-Pay-th

Jan 15 – Kenyan Military Scores Direct Hit on Al Shabaab Camp in Somalia

Jan 15 – Mexico: Vigilantes Reclaim Town from Cartel–Vigilantes-Reclaim-Town-from-Cartel

Jan 15 – Yemen: Islamists and Tribesmen Begin Fragile Ceasefire–Islamists-and-Tribesmen-Begin-Fragile-Cease

Jan 14 – Portugal Overcomes Protests as It Prepares to Exit EU Bailout

Jan 14 – Oil Woes Push Libya to Brink of Failed-State Status

Jan 13 – Israel Split as Arab Christians Sign Up for Military Service

Jan 13 – Keystone Delay Prods Canada to Plot Other Pipeline Routes

Jan 13 – North Korea Ranks As Worst Country for Christians

Jan 13 – Congo Rebels Expand Violence in Key Province

Jan 13 – Somalia: Former Prime Minister Narrowly Wins Puntland Presidency–Former-Prime-Minister-Narrowly-Wins-Puntl

Jan 10 – Iranian Meddling, Shia Unrest Undermine US Ally Bahrain

Jan 9 – Russia Begins Immense Sochi Security Operation

Jan 9 – Czech Government Condemns Palestinian Embassy Scandal

Jan 9 – Israel: Bedouins Attack Government Officials–Bedouin-s-Attack-Government-Officials

Jan 9 – Pakistan: Utah Arms Company Declines $15 Million Contract$15-Million-Co

Jan 8 – Kuwait: Prime Minister Reshuffles Cabinet Again

Jan 8 – Madagascar: New President Pursues Economic Recovery–New-President-Pursues-Economic-Recover

Jan 7 – Mercosur’s Soap Opera Cast Courts European Union

Jan 7 – Al-Shabaab Terrorists Sow Violence in Troubled Somalian State

Jan 6 – New Delhi, Tokyo Try to Counter China Moves in Indian Ocean

Jan 4 – Pakistan: Ex-President Musharraf Delays Treason Trial With Hospitalization

Jan 4 – France to Pull Most Troops From Mali

Jan 4 – Japan Rescues Chinese Balloonist Stranded in Disputed East China Sea

Jan 3 – Plunging Oil Output, Rising Violence Imperil Nigerian Leader

Jan 3 – Gunmen Attack Home of German Ambassador to Greece

Jan 3 – Congolese Army Stops Coup Attempt in Capital

Jan 2 – Russia/Syria: Offshore Exploration Deal Deepens Bilateral Ties

Jan 2 – Al Qaeda Keeps Fastidious Finances

Jan 2 – France: Top Court Approves 75 Percent ‘Millionaire Tax’ Rate


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