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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 2/1-2/28/14

In Foreign Affairs on February 28, 2014 at 12:00 pm

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax Media’s Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from February 1 – February 28. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (‘Daily Briefs’) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (‘Analysis’) do require a subscription to the site.

Feb 28 – Clashes in South Sudan Imperil Oil Lifeline

Feb 28 – Liberian Gunmen Attack Border Town in Ivory Coast

Feb 27 – New Indian State Boosts Influence of Tech Hub Hyderabad

Feb 27 – Israel/Germany: Netanyahu and Merkel Meet to Reaffirm Ties–Netanyahu-and-Merkel-Meet-to-Reaff

Feb 27 – India: Police Clash With Villagers After Suspected Militants Killed in Kashmir–Police-Clash-With-Villagers-After-Suspected

Feb 27 – Tanzania: Bombings Hit Church and Popular Restaurant in Zanzibar

Feb 26 – Russia Embraces Fracking to Ignite Siberian Shale Boom

2. Russia

Feb 26 – Israel’s Sizzling Tech Sector Seeks Arab Participation

Feb 26 – Morocco Fails to Stop Migrants From Infiltrating Spanish Territory

Feb 26 – Peru: Humala Names Fifth Prime Minister After Cabinet Shakeup

Feb 24 – Lawless Sinai Threatens Egyptian Aviation, Mideast Peace

Feb 24 – North American Energy Independence Still a Pipe Dream

Feb 22 – Pakistan Urges Iran to Respect Border

Feb 22 – Greece: Far-Right Golden Dawn Under Renewed Assault

Feb 21 – Uzbekistan: Familial Infighting Distracts From Terror Threat

Feb 20 – Myanmar Charges Journalists For Revealing Chemical Weapons Facility

Feb 20 – Australia: Asylum Policy Weakened By Deadly Papua New Guinea Riots

Feb 20 – Colombia: Military Chief Dismissed Amid Corruption Scandal

Feb 19 – Bahrain: Deadly Clashes Mar Anniversary of Demonstrations

Feb 19 – Bulgaria: Extremists March to Honor Pro-Nazi World War II General

Feb 15 – United Kingdom: Scotland Cannot Keep Currency if Independent

Feb 15 – Nigeria: Regional Governor Begs For Help Fighting Boko Haram

Feb 15 – China: Scientific Report Declares Beijing Unlivable Over Pollution

Feb 14 – Irony in Italy: Infighting over Reforms Upends Government Again

Feb 13 – Eastern Europe Torn Between EU’s Allure, Russia’s Heavy Hand,-Moscow-s-

Feb 13 – Netherlands: Interior Minister Fights for Job After Admitting NSA Innocence in Spy Scandal–Interior-Minister-Fights-for-Job-Afte

Feb 13 – Iraq: Terrorist Training Blows Up on Militants

Feb 13 – Sao Tome and Principe: Fears of Another Coup Rise Amid Military Protests–Fears-of-Another-Coup-Rise-

Feb 12 – Pakistan: Militants Bomb Three Gas Pipelines to Punjab

Feb 12 – Russia: Gunman Kills Nun and Parishoner in Cathedral–Gunman-Kills-Nun-and-Parishioner-in-Cathed

Feb 11 – Backlash Brews as Hong Kong Resists Tighter Chinese Control

Feb 10 – Singapore Tech Hub Taking Notes from Silicon Valley

Feb 8 – United States Providing Limited Oil Exports to Europe

Feb 8 – China Concludes Naval Drills in Indian Ocean

Feb 8 – Israel: Ultra Orthodox Clash With Police Over Conscription

Feb 7 – China: Another Deadly Strain of Bird Flu Emerges

Feb 6 – Georgia PM Recommits to EU Trajectory

Feb 6 – More Keystone Delays Despite Positive Report

Feb 6 – Kenya: Mombasa Shaken By Riots Following Mosque Raid

Feb 6 – Sudan Suspends Red Cross Humanitarian Operations

Feb 5 – Resurgent Cartel Violence Awaits Next Leader of El Salvador

Feb 5 – Beijing Risks Backlash in Crackdown on Muslim Uighurs

Feb 5 – Whaling, Environmentalist Ships Collide Making Diplomatic Waves

Feb 3 – Nuclear Material Poses New Risk as Islamists Infiltrate Europe

Feb 1 – Denmark: Goldman Sachs Deal Sparks Political Drama

Feb 1 – Ivory Coast Expands Navy to Combat Piracy

Feb 1 – Mexico Vows to Reverse Rising Trend of Kidnapping


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