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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 12/1-12/31/13

In Foreign Affairs on December 31, 2013 at 9:52 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from December 1 – December 31. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (‘Today’s Briefs,’ which were formerly known as ‘Inbriefs’) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (‘Analysis’) do require a subscription to the site.

Dec 30 – US Shift on Iran Forces Saudis to Shore Up Gulf Arab Alliance

14. GCC

Dec 29 – Nepal: Stability Possible After Tumultuous Elections

Dec 28 – Japan: Prime Minister Infuriates Neighbors By Visiting Controversial Memorial

Dec 28 – Morocco: Authorities Disband Multi-City Terror Cell

Dec 27 – Armenia Approves Plan to Join Russian Customs Union

Dec 27 – Mali: Authorities Apprehend Notorious Islamist Leader–Authorities-Apprehend-Notorious-Islamist-Lea

Dec 27 – Yemen: National Dialogue Embraces Federalism to Pacify Separatists

Dec 26 – EU Antitrust Case Puts the Squeeze on Russia’s Gazprom

Dec 26 – Iran: Revolutionary Guard Troops Killed in Restive Province

Dec 26 – Burma: Opium Production Reaches Record High

Dec 26 – European Union: Google’s European Business in Trouble

Dec 21 – United Kingdom: Prime Minister Rejects European Union Army

Dec 21 – Brazil: Saab Beats out Boing for Jet Deal–Saab-Beats-Out-Boeing-for-Jet-Deal

Dec 21 – Turkmenistan: Elections Cement Status Quo–Elections-Cement-Status-Quo

Dec 20 – Global Corruption Crisis Enables Organized Crime Wave

Dec 20 – Italy Offers Use of Port for Destruction of Syrian Chemical Weapons

Dec 19 – Yemen: Japanese Diplomat Wounded in Botched Kidnapping Attempt

Dec 19 – Bangladesh: Deadly Protests Follow Execution of Top Islamist

Dec 19 – Zimbabwe: Diamond Auction Offsets Dysfunctional Economy

Dec 18 – Colombia: Removal of Leftist Mayor Spurs Backlash

Dec 18 – Romania: Lawmakers Draw Ire For Bypassing Anti-Corruption Laws

Dec 17 – Israeli Charm Offensive Aims to Avoid Geopolitical Isolation

14. Israel

Dec 16 – Pemex Reform May Revive Mexico’s Moribund Oil Industry

Dec 14 – Senegal: Shale Gas Exploration Becomes Priority

Dec 14 – Slovenia: Stress Test Reveals Extent of Banking Woes

Dec 13 – New Wave of Islamic Violence Destabilizing Southeast Asia

Dec 12 – Natural Disasters Expose Third World’s Weakness

Dec 12 – Israel, Jordan, and Palestine Sign ‘Historic’ Trilateral Water Sharing Agreement

Dec 12 – Kurdish Question Returns to Haunt Turkey

Dec 12 – Kenya: Military Sent to Quell Resurgent Ethnic Violence

Dec 11 – Central Asia Terror Threat Grows as US Exit Looms

Dec 11 – China, France Agree to ‘Jointly Exploit’ Nuclear Energy Markets

Dec 11 – Azerbaijan To Halt Oil Shipments Via Russia Next Year

Dec 11 – Sudan: Bashir Reshuffles Government to Satisfy Critics

Dec 9 – Japan Takes Lead With Unconventional Energy Source

Dec 7 – Syria: Rebels Accuse Regime of Another Poison Gas Attack

Dec 7 – Mexican Authorities Recover Stolen Radioactive Material

Dec 5 – Saudi Deportations Unlikely to Ease Security Concerns

Dec 5 – Mexico: Cartels Diversifying From Narcotics to Mining

Dec 5 – Vietnam: Government Consolidates Power and Increases Repression

Dec 5 – Mauritania: Ruling Party Dominates Long-Delayed Elections

Dec 4 – Fast-Growing Rosneft Poised to Advance Kremlin Agenda

Dec 4 – Al Qaeda Asserts Influence in West Bank

Dec 4 – Costa Rica, Cayman Islands to Improve Financial Transparency

Dec 4 – Slovakia: ‘New-Nazi’ Rides Extremism to Election as Governor

Dec 3 – Putin Sweats Security as Sochi Olympics Loom

Dec 1 – Portugal: Government Commits to New Austerity Measures


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