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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 9/1-9/30/13

In Foreign Affairs on September 30, 2013 at 1:48 pm

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from September 1 – September 30. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (InBriefs) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (Analysis) do require a subscription to the site.

Sept 30 – New Front for Radical Islamists: Central African Republic

Sept 27 – How Israel’s Energy Reserves Could Change the Middle East

Sept 27 – Russia Threatens Japan Over Disputed Islands

Sept 27 – Mali: President Calls For Rapid Response Force Against Region’s Islamists

Sept 27 – Uganda Grants Chinese Oil Giant $2 Billion Production License$2-Billion-Product

Sept 26 – Eastern Europe’s Westward Drift Brings Russian Bluster

Sept 25 – Sweden Divests From Scandinavia’s Largest Bank

Sept 25 – India: Government Appears to Aid Corrupt Politicians

Sept 25 – China May Lift Ban on Facebook, Twitter in Shanghai,-Twitter-in-Shangha

Sept 25 – Sri Lanka: Ethnic Tamils Dominate Regional Elections

Sept 25 – Slovenia: Prime Minister Ties Confidence Vote to 2014 Budget

Sept 24 – China, Russia Compete for Influence Over Central Asia

Sept 24 – Algerian Power Struggle, Terror Threaten Energy Exporter

Sept 24 – Iraq: Kurdistan Holds New Elections

Sept 24 – Border Disputes Leaving Nicaragua Increasingly Regionally Isolated

Sept 23 – Bangladesh: Death Penalty for Islamist Provokes Riots

Sept 23 – Azerbaijan: BP-Led Consortium Wins $100-Billion Gas Deals$100-Billion-Gas

Sept 20 – Weary EU Voters Debate Union’s Future As Elections Near

Sept 19 – Africa’s Christians Suffer Against Islamist Onslaught

Sept 18 – Yemeni Dialogue Critical As Terror, Tribal Conflicts Rage

Sept 18 – Albania: Socialists Take Helm of Government

Sept 18 – Rwanda: Ruling Party Scores Decisive Election Victory

Sept 18 – Russia: Putin to Reopen Soviet-Era Arctic Military Base

Sept 18 – China: Security Company Identifies Major Chinese Hacker Cell

Sept 17 – Eastern Europe Tries Shale Escape From Russian Grip on Gas

Sept 17 – Somalia: Donors Pledge $2.4 Billion to Strengthen Fragile Nation$2-4-Billion-To-Strengthen-

Sept 17 – Brazil: Chevron Settles Oil Spill Lawsuit for Just $41 Million

Sept 13 – Crackdown on Protesters Deepens Political Crisis in Bahrain

Sept 13 – Rising Tensions Bring East China Sea to a Boil

Sept 13 – Zimbabwe: Mugabe Consolidates Power With Loyalist Cabinet

Sept 13 – Spain: Catalonian Separatism On Display With 250-Mile Human Chain

Sept 13 – Israel: Security Tightened For Yom Kippur Preparations

Sept 11 – Venezuela: Maduro Scrambles To Deflect Criticism for Shortages

Sept 11 – Fiji: Junta Releases Long Awaited Constitution Amid Crackdown

Sept 11 – Central African Republic: President Removes Army Chief After Violent Clashes–President-Removes-Army-C

Sept 11 – Peru: Counterfeiting Dollars “More Profitable Than Cocaine”

Sept 10 – Cambodia: Certification of Ruling Party Victory Leaves Opposition Fuming

Sept 10 – Pacific Islands “Fighting for Survival”

Sept 9 – Terror Groups, Turmoil Increase Risk of Global Pandemic

Sept 6 – Thailand: Government Scrambles As Farming Protests Turn Violent

Sept 6 – Iran: Foreign Minister Acknowledges, Condemns Holocaust

Sept 6 – Cyprus: Lawmakers Struggle With Vital Bailout Legislation–Lawmakers-Struggle-With-Vital-Bailout-Legi

Sept 4 – How Unrest Could Plunge Libya Into Darkness

Sept 4 – Russia Threatens Moldova Over EU Ambitions

Sept 4 – Malaysia: Government Risks Protest With Fuel Price Hike

Sept 4 – France Blacklists Three British Territories As Tax Havens

Sept 3 – Why China is Really Interested in the Northeast Passage

Sept 3 – Somalia: Government Achieves Authority Over Semi-Autonomous Province

Sept 3 – Scandinavia Realizing Current Welfare System Unsustainable

Sept 3 – China/Philippines: South China Sea Dispute Threatens to Derail Planned Talks


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