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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 8/1-8/31/13

In Foreign Affairs on August 31, 2013 at 11:53 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from August 1 – August 31. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (InBriefs) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (Analysis) do require a subscription to the site.

August 30 – Brazil/Bolivia: Diplomatic Dispute Infuriates Morales

August 30 – Tunisia Establishing Buffer Zones Along Borders With Algeria and Libya

August 30 – India: Police Arrest Major Terrorist

August 29 – How Twitter is Changing the Face of the Middle East

August 28 – Belarus Infuriates Russia As “Potash War” Intensifies–Potash-War”-Intensif

August 28 – Canada: Statoil Makes Third Oil Discovery Off Newfoundland

August 28 – Jordan: Elections Reflect Backlash Against Syrian Refugee Crisis

August 28 – Italy: Prime MInister Struggles to Keep Ruling Coalition Intact

August 27 – Russian Empire Strikes Back Against Ukraine’s EU Embrace

August 27 – UN Forces Clash With Rebels in Eastern Congo–UN-Forces-Clash-With-Rebels-in-Eastern-C

August 27 – Mexico: Teacher Protest Threatens to Derail Reform

August 23 – Egyptian-Style Political Drama Now Playing in Tunisia

11. Tunisia

August 23 – After 30 Years, Turkey Still Seeks Answer to Kurdish Question,-Turkey-Still-Seeks-Answer-to-Kurdi

August 23 – Strikes Rattle Colombia

August 23 – Costa Rica/Nicaragua: Border Dispute Flares Over Key Tourism Province–Nicaragua-Border-Dispute-Flares-Over-K

August 23 – New Zealand: Government Expands Domestic Surveillance Powers

August 21 – Eco-Friendly South Africa May Frack Its Way to Fortune

August 21 – Kenya: President Looks to Closer Ties With China and Russia

August 21 – Malaysia: Government Launches Crackdown on Violence After Spate of Killings

August 21 – Pakistan: Musharraf Charged Over Bhutto’s Murder

August 20 – United Kingdom: Anti-Fracking Protests Temporarily Halt Drilling

August 20 – Russia: Gazprom and Halliburton Sign Major Cooperation Deal

August 20 – Madagascar: Candidates Disqualifications Could Ease International Pressures

August 19 – Venezuela: Opposition Crackdown Assures Maduro’s Rule

Aug 16 – South Africa: President’s Rival Sidelined By Scandal

Aug 16 – Indonesia: President Warns of Growing Religious Intolerance

Aug 16 – Ecuador: Correa To Permit Drilling in Amazon

Aug 15 – Beijing Energy Deals Raise Risk of South China Sea Conflict

Aug 15 – Political Instability Imperils Czech Economic Recovery

Aug 15 – Iran: President Faces First Political Opposition

Aug 14 – Mozambique: Resurgent Violence Threatens Major Investment Push

Aug 14 – Libya: Protesting Berbers Take Anger to Halls of Parliament–Protesting-Berbers-Take-Anger-to-Halls-of-P

Aug 14 – India: Deadly Explosion Sinks Strategically Important Submarine

Aug 14 – Thailand: Peace Talks With Muslim Rebels Stall

Aug 13 – Brazil’s Petrobras Allegedly Bribed Major Political Parties–Petrobras-Allegedly-Bribed-Major-Political

Aug 13 – Cyprus/Greece/Israel: Tripartite Energy Pact to Enhance Cooperation

Aug 9 – Saudi Arabia Fears Success of US Shale Boom

Aug 9 – China Launches Investigation into Rare Earth Mining Industry

Aug 9 – Philippines: Wave of Bombings in South Could Derail Peace Process

Aug 9 – Kyrgyzstan: Unrest Likely After Court Sentences Nationalist Leaders to Prison

Aug 7 – Central African Republic: UN Frets As Situation Deteriorates

Aug 7 – Togo: Ruling Family Strengthens Grip Following Long-Delayed Elections

Aug 7 – Honduras: Military Deployed to Manage Largest Prison After Deadly Riot

Aug 7 – Bolivia: Gazprom and Total Sign $130 Million Natural Gas Agreement

Aug 6 – Nigeria: Young Anti-Islamist Vigilantes Pose New Dangers

Aug 6 – Pakistan: Islamabad Raises Alert Amid Unceasing Terrorist Attacks

Aug 6 – Africa Wants Somalia to Annex Disputed City

Aug 5 – Protests in Bulgaria Likely to Force Real Change

Aug 2 – Taiwan: Legislators Fight Over Nuclear Power

Aug 2 – Iran: Khamenei Issues New Fatwa Against Baha’i Minority

Aug 2 – Azerbaijan: Oil Majors Join Consortium to Build Trans-Adriatic Pipeline


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