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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 10/1-10/31/13

In Foreign Affairs on October 31, 2013 at 12:44 pm

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from October 1 – October 31. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (InBriefs) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (Analysis) do require a subscription to the site.

Oct 30 – Syria: First Polio Outbreak in Over a Decade Threatens Entire Region

Oct 30 – Romania: Ethnic Hungarians Demand Autonomy for Transylvania

Oct 30 – Maldives: Former President Warns of Al Qaeda Assassination Plot

Oct 30 – Bangladesh Reels Under New Opposition Protests

Oct 30 – Hong Kong: Triads Try to Extort Hollywood Productions

Oct 29 – Lebanon Crumbling Under Human Avalanche From Syria

12. Lebanon

Oct 29 – Bumbling Maduro Establishes Happiness Ministry

Oct 28 – Canada Pushes Hard for Booming Asia Energy Business

Oct 25 – Iran Gives Russia Alleged Copy of US Spy Drone

Oct 25 – Greenland: Lawmakers Vote to End Decades-Old Ban on Mining

Oct 25 – China: Beijing Refuses to Chance “Correct” Policies Toward Tibet

Oct 24 – Russia, China Outmaneuvering US in Its Own Backyard

12. China Russia Latin America

Oct 23 – Greek Bailout Addiction Could Prolong European Crisis

Oct 23 – Brunei: Sultan Implements Sharia Law

Oct 23 – Google Offers New Tool Against Oppressive Regimes

Oct 23 – Israel: Incumbents Victorious In Local Elections

Oct 23 – Estonia: Local Election Marred By Russian Meddling

Oct 22 – Rising Wave of Syrian Refugees Poses Existential Threat to Jordan

Oct 22 – Somalia: Al Shabaab Targets Djibouti and Ethiopian Peacekeepers

Oct 21 – San Marino: World’s Oldest Republic Rejects EU Membership

Oct 19 – Ireland: Government to Eliminate Tax Loophole Beloved By Tech Companies

Oct 19 – Romania: Chevron Freezes Shale Gas Exploration Following Protests

Oct 19 – Portugal and Former Colony Angola At Odds Over Corruption

Oct 17 – Surprising Winner Emerges in Race for African Resources

Oct 16 – Bosnia and Herzegovina: First Post-War Census Reopens Old Wounds–First-Post-War-Census-Reop

Oct 16 – Burma: String of Bombings Could Threaten ASEAN Chairmanship

Oct 16 – Boeing, Raytheon Pursue $10.8 Billion Arms Deal With UAE and Saudi Arabia$10-8-Billion-Arms-Deal-Wit

Oct 16 – Poland: Prime Minister Ally Survives Recall in Warsaw Mayoral Vote

Oct 16 – Venezuela Detains Anadarko Vessel Operating Off The Coast of Guyana

Oct 15 – Zimbabwe: Delusional Mugabe Demands End to Sanctions

Oct 14 – Violence Imperils East African Energy Boom

Oct 11 – ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ Bring Drug Scourge Back to Caribbean

Oct 11 – Malawi: President Consolidates Power Amid Anti Corruption Crusade

Oct 11 – Morocco: King Appoints New Islamist-led Government

Oct 11 – Taiwan Conducts Oil and Gas Exploration in Disputed Spratly Islands

Oct 9 – Oil-Rich Azerbaijan a Thorn in Side of Moscow, Tehran

Oct 9 – Canada/Malaysia: Petronas to Invest $35 Billion in British Colombia LNG$35-Billion-in-British-Colombia

Oct 9 – Colombia: Major Pipeline Closes After Multiple Bombings

Oct 9 – Serbia and Kosovo Resolve Dispute Over Pending Local Elections

Oct 9 – Pakistan: Authorities Block Instant Messaging Apps in Unruly Province

Oct 8 – Europe Resists Rising Tide of Intolerance

12. Europe Intolerance

Oct 8 – EU Antitrust Case Challenges Gazprom’s Dominance

Oct 8 – Lithuania Threatens to Block Access to Isolated Russian Territory

Oct 8 – Kenya: Mombasa Burns As Islamists Riot

Oct 4 – Falkland Islands: Major Deal Could Accelerate Drilling Schedule

Oct 4 – Guinea: As Election Dispute Deepens, Renewed Crisis Looms–As-Election-Dispute-Deepens-Renewed-Crisis

Oct 4 – Norway: Statoil Says Ban on Exploration Near Arctic Islands Poses Dire Threat

Oct 2 – Rampant Corruption Strains Asia’s Economic Engine

Oct 2 – Luxury German Automakers Setting Up Shop in Brazil

Oct 2 – Portugal: Austerity Backlash Threatens Recovery

Oct 2 – Pope Francis Vows to Reform Vatican Bureaucracy

Oct 2 – Angola: Government to Invest Billions in Modernizing Electrical Grid

Oct 1 – United Kingdom: Proposed Cyber Force to “Strike Back” Against Enemies

Oct 1 – Philippines: Hostage Crisis Ends But Clashes With Islamists Continue


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