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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 5/1-5/31/14

In Foreign Affairs on May 31, 2014 at 10:49 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax Media’s Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from May 1 – May 31. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (‘Daily Briefs’) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (‘Analysis’) do require a subscription to the site.

May 31 – Russia: Caucasus Leader Vows Sweeping Retribution Against Terrorists

May 31 – Central African Republic: Sectarian Massacre Sparks Reprisals

May 31 – Norway: Greenpeace Protests Statoil’s Arctic Drilling

May 30 – Iran: Judge Orders Facebook CEO to Testify

May 30 – New Caledonia: Riots Damage Major Nickel Mine

May 29 – Routed by Rebels, Bumbling Army Brings Mali Back to Brink

May 29 – Lithuania: President Rides to Reelection on Fears of Russia

May 29 – Papua New Guinea Becomes World Newest Liquefied Natural Gas Exporter

May 29 – Mexico: Rebel Retirement Signals Death of Defunct Insurgency

May 27 – Power Struggle Strangles Argentine Shale Boom,-Politicians-Conspire-to-Strangle-Argentine

May 25 – Macedonia: Ethnic Clashes Highlight Balkan Fault Lines

May 24 – Cameroon and Chad Partner With Nigeria Against Boko Haram

May 24 – Dominican Republic Succumbs to International Pressure Over Haitians

May 23 – Qatar Buys Large Stake in Deutsche Bank

May 23 – Guinea Bissau: Election Dispute Revives Fears of Unrest

May 22 – South Korea to Disband Coast Guard Over Ferry Disaster

May 22 – Bermuda: Scandal Sparks Political Shakeup in Tax Haven

May 21 – Mexico Struggles to Rein in Anti-Cartel Vigilantes

May 21 – Israel Advances ‘Strategic’ Ties With Selected Latin American States

May 21 – Chile: President Unveils Education Reforms to Appease Supporters

May 19 – Jordan: Key US Ally Reels From Syrian War Spillover

May 17 – Sudan: Judge Condemns Pregnant Christian Woman to Death for Faith

May 17 – Prominent Jewish Group Documents Alarming Anti-Semitism Levels

May 17 – Ecuador Scrambles As Stranded Oil Tanker Threatens Galapagos Islands

May 16 – Specter of Global Pandemic Haunts Public Health Agencies

May 15 – Greece: Far-Right Golden Dawn Cleared to Contest Elections

May 15 – Pakistan Charges 68 Dissident Lawyers With Blasphemy

May 14 – Disturbing Religious Freedom Report Shunned by Media

May 14 – Beijing Tightens Security on Heels of Violent Attacks, Ahead of Tiananmen Anniversary

May 14 – Australia Posts Austerity Budget

May 14 – New Caledonia Sticks With France

May 12 – Tunisia: Democracy on Track Despite Islamist Threat–Democracy-On-Track-while-Economic-Problem

May 10 – France Sending Troops to Africa’s Sahel

May 10 – Saudi Arabia Imposes Barbaric Sentence on Free Speech Activist

May 9 – Mexico: Oil Reforms Gain Traction as Output Slides

May 9 – Sudanese Military Welcomes Iranian Warships

May 9 – Kosovo Chooses Early Elections Amid Standoff With Ethnic Serbs

May 9 – China Conscripts Monkeys to Defend Air Force Base

May 8 – Slovenia: Political Turmoil a Danger for Former Eurozone Star–Political-Turmoil-a-Danger-for-Former-Eu

May 8 – Vatican Seeks to Defer Responsibility for Abuse Scandal

May 8 – Russia: Putin Criminalizes Criticism of Soviet World War II Behavior

May 7 – Anti-US Rhetoric Fails to Sustain Latin America’s Economies

May 7 – India: Troops Deployed After Deadly Anti-Muslim Attacks Mar Elections

May 3 – Northern Ireland: Sinn Fein Leader Arrested in Cold Case

May 3 – Philippines: Military Battles Al Qaeda-Linked Militants–Military-Battles-Al-Qaeda-Linked-Mili

May 3 – Mexican Authorities Thwart Cartel Attempt to Illegally Smuggle Iron Ore

May 2 – South Africa: Ruling Party Drops Presidential Corruption Probe as Vote Nears

May 1 – Pirates Stage Comeback Near Busy Strait of Malacca

May 1 – Angola: Abundant Oil, No Terrorists, Too Many Children

May 1 – Yemen Launches Assault to Oust Entrenched Al-Qaeda Terrorists

May 1 – Taiwan: Demonstrators Force Government to Halt Nuclear Power Plant Construction

May 1 – Azerbaijan: Repression Rises As Government Consolidates Power

May 1 – Peru: Oil Production Resumes Following Indigenous Protests


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