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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 4/1-4/30/14

In Foreign Affairs on April 30, 2014 at 6:00 pm

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax Media’s Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from April 1 – April 30. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (‘Daily Briefs’) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (‘Analysis’) do require a subscription to the site.

April 30 – Macedonia: Ruling Conservatives Ride Economy to Another Victory

April 29 – Arab Kingdoms Regroup to Fill US Security Gap in Gulf

4. GCC

April 29 – Germany’s Nuclear Phase-Out Plays Into Russia’s Hands

April 26 – Marshall Islands Sues Nuclear Nations Over Lack of Disarmament

April 26 – Tunisia: Anti-Semitism Jeopardizes Tourism

April 26 – Germany Seizes Massive Cocaine Load in Ecuadorian Bananas

April 24 – Russia: Kremlin Pursues Contradictory Policies Toward Crimean Tatars

April 24 – Israel: Military Boosts Efforts to Recruit Arab Christians

April 24 – Bolivia: President Agrees to Massive Minimum Wage Hike

April 23 – Putin’s Ukraine Moves Rattle His Eurasian Union Allies

4. Eurasian Union

April 23 – Mexico Wins Approval to Buy US Helicopters for Fighting Drug Traffickers

April 22 – Russia Taps Arctic Oil, Leaving Rivals in Its Wake

4. Arctic Oil

April 21 – Yemen: Al Qaeda’s Rise Threatens Already Weak Regime

April 19 – Iran Debates Extreme Measures to Stop Population Shrinkage

April 19 – Thailand Thwarts Hezbollah Scheme to Attack Israeli Tourists

April 19 – Mexico: Mayor Arrested for Assisting Cartel

April 18 – Jamaica Awards License to Build Natural Gas Plant

April 18 – Vietnam: Dissidents Released Amid International Outcry

April 17 – European Union Struggles to Cope With Immigration Crisis

April 17 – South Sudan: Rebels Claim to Recapture Capital of Oil-Rich State

April 17 – Tanzania: Bombing Rattles Popular Tourist Destination

April 17 – China: Authorities Seize Over 10,000 Illegal Firearms

April 16 – Nigerian Insurgency Escalates as Boko Haram Grows More Brazen

April 16 – Chile: Deadly Fire Devastates Important Port City–Deadly-Fire-Devastates-Important-Port-City

April 11 – Sweden’s Volvo Suspends Russia Tank Deal

April 11 – UN in Middle East Vaccination Campaign As Polio Spreads From Syria to Iraq

April 10 – Israel: Jewish Settlers in West Bank Raid IDF Outpost

April 10 – Kenya Detains Over 3,000 Somalis in Security Clampdown,000-Somalis-in-Security-Clamp

April 10 – Spain: Parliament Formally Rejects Catalonia Independence Bid

April 9 – Ukraine Sees ‘Economic Aggression’ in Russian Gas Hike

April 9 – Canada: Separatists Crushed in Quebec Provincial Elections

April 9 – Sri Lanka: Government Vows to Defy UN Probe

April 8 – Hungarian Vote Complicates EU Response to Russia

April 7 – Energy Starved Africa Seeks Nuclear Answer to Power Problem

April 5 – Latvia: Authorities Wary of Trouble From Ethnic Russians

April 5 – Myanmar: Discriminatory Census Sparks Sectarian Violence

April 3 – United Kingdom: Government to Investigate Muslim Brotherhood

April 3 – UN Scores Major Environmental Victory in end to Japanese Whaling

April 3 – Mexico: Military Terminates Another Top Drug Kingpin

April 2 – China Losing Monopoly Over Rare Earths

April 2 – Chile: New Socialist President Hikes Taxes As Economy Slows

April 2 – Ebola Epidemic Afflicts Three West African Nations

April 1 – US Military Cuts Open Door for Latin American Drug Runners


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