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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 7/1-7/31/13

In Foreign Affairs on July 31, 2013 at 10:31 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from July 1 – July 31. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (InBriefs) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (Analysis) do require a subscription to the site.

July 31 – Sudan: Deadly Tribal Clashes Rock Darfur

July 31 – Kuwait: Emir Issues Pardons Following Considerable Election Victory

July 31 – Argentina: Repsol Goes to World Bank to Block Chevron-YPF Shale Deal

July 30 – Mexico Braces for New Violence After Capture of Zetas Leader

10. Mexico

July 30 – Record Election Turnout Paves Way for Western Aid to Mali

July 30 – United Kingdom Furious Over Spanish Interference With Gibraltar

July 30 – South Sudan: Troubled Nation Sets Stage For Political Showdown–Troubled-Nation-Sets-Stage-For-Politi

July 30 – Chile: Major Mining Companies Invest Billions to Supply Water to Desert Mine–Major-Mining-Companies-Invest-Billions-to-S

July 29 – Mideast Conflicts Threaten to Engulf Key US Allies

10. Middle East

July 26 – Tunisia: Protests Erupt After Second Opposition Leader Assasinated

July 26 – Australia: WikiLeaks’ Assange to Run for Senate

July 26 – Oman: Government Pardons Arab Spring Protestors

July 25 – Bahrain on the Brink as Dialogue Flounders

July 25 – Pariah Eritrea Pays Warlord to Destabilize Somalia

July 24 – Bulgaria: Anti-Corruption Protests Become Increasingly Violent

July 24 – Algeria: Speculation on President’s Health Spurs Succession Campaign

July 24 – Burma: Pardon of Political Prisoners A Positive Gesture

July 23 – Rising Tide of Sharia May Arrive With a Wave of Violence

July 23 – Nauru Riots Draw Attention to Australia’s Asylum Policy

July 23 – South Sudan Vows to Stop Oil Production Again Amid New Dispute With Sudan

July 19 – Ethiopia Begins Troop Withdrawal From Strategic Somali City

July 19 – Lebanon Implores EU Not to Blacklist Hezbollah As Terrorists

July 19 – Monsanto Drops Bid to Raise GMO Crops in Europe

July 17 – India Wins Tug of War With China Over Bhutan

July 17 – Israel Announces New Natural Gas Find

July 17 – Hungary: Budapest Wants to Pay Back IMF Loan Early then Eject Agency

July 17 – Chile: Court Formally Suspends Major Copper and Gold Mine

July 17 – Mexico: Government Plans $315 Billion in Infrastructure Investments

July 16 – Spain: Rajoy Refuses to Resign Amid Latest Corruption Scandal–Rajoy-Refuses-to-Resign-Amid-Latest-Corrupt

July 15 – Why Raul Castro is Rushing to Reform Cuba’s Economy

July 15 – Euroskeptics Pushing Britain Closer to EU Breakup

July 12 – Czech Republic: President Deepens Political Standoff With New Cabinet

July 12 – Israel: Military to Boost Presence in Golan Heights Amid Lebanon, Syria Unrest

July 12 – Lithuania: Europe to Finance LNG Plant

July 11 – Hungary: A Troubling Anti-Democratic Trend for Europe

July 10 – Lebanon: New Beirut Bombing Heightens Sectarian Tensions

July 10 – India/Maldives/Sri Lanka: Governments Sign Tripartite Maritime Security Pact

July 10 – France Raises $4.1 Million From Cars Seized From Equatorial Guinea Heir

July 9 – Mozambique: Unrest Not Stopping Asian Scramble For Energy

July 9 – Ethiopia Boosts Defense Spending As Controversial Dam Proceeds

July 9 – Cambodia: Autocratic Prime Minister Frets Ahead of Looming Elections

July 8 – Thailand Struggles Against Rebels in Troubled South

July 8 – Somalia: Al-Shabaab Is Weakened, but not Defeated

July 5 – Socialist Likely to Win Chile’s Presidential Election

July 5 – Russia: Rosneft Makes $2.9 Billion Major Acquisition$2-9-Billion-Major-Acquisiti

July 5 – Kenya: New Oil Discovery Brings Hope of Economic Growth

July 5 – China/Uganda: CNOOC Considers Investing in Ugandan Pipeline and Refinery

July 3 – Kazakhstan Helps China Outmaneuver India To Secure ConocoPhillips Oil Stake

July 3 – China: Beijing Pursues New Approaches in Unruly Province

July 3 – Portugal: Minister Resignations Plunge Nation into Crisis

July 3 – Mongolia: President’s Reelection Continues Uncertainty for Rio Tinto

July 2 – Is Canada the Gateway to an Arctic Oil Boom?

July 2 – UAE Goes Out on a Limb With Prosecution of Islamists

June 2 – Kosovo/Serbia: Normalization Drives Continued Demonstrations–Normalization-Drives-Continued-Demo

June 2 – China: Beijing Eases Tibet Crackdown Though Tensions Linger


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