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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 8/1-8/31/14

In Foreign Affairs on August 31, 2014 at 5:01 pm

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax Media’s Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from August 1 – August 31. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (‘Daily Briefs’) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (‘Analysis’) do require a subscription to the site.

August 30 – Iran Hints Azerbaijan Responsible for Downed Israeli Drone

August 30 – China Covers Up Embarrassing Drug Discovery

August 29 – China’s Dreams for Shale Boom Stumble

August 29 – Hamas Seeks to Disrupt Israel’s Energy Plans

August 29 – India Reopens Mumbai Jewish Center as Modi Seeks Closer Israel Ties

August 29 – Ethiopia and Egypt Seek Rapprochement Over Planned Mega-Dam

August 28 – Latin America Embraces Gaza, Rejects Israeli Trade

August 28 – Italy Pleads for EU Aid After Over 200 Migrants Drown

August 28 – Canada: Derailment of Another Oil Train Raises Renewed Safety Fears–Derailment-of-Another-Oil-Train-Raises-Ren

August 27 – Israel’s High-Tech Sector Flourishes Amid Gaza Conflict

August 27 – Chinese Authorities Disrupt Unofficial Macau Democracy Polls

August 27 – Democratic Republic of the Congo Suffers Outbreak of New Ebola Strain

August 24 – Slovenia: Untested Academic Primed to Form New Government

August 23 – Chinese President Boosts Ties With Mongolia, Uzbekistan

August 23 – Zimbabwe: Mugabe Named Chair of Regional Bloc

August 22 – Australia Agrees to Settle Spying Dispute With Indonesia

August 22 – Liberia Recovers Missing Ebola Patients Following Riots

August 21 – Iraqi Kurdistan Continues Finding Willing Buyers of Disputed OIl

August 21 – France: Thieves Steal $335,000 in Ambush of Saudi Prince$335000-in-Ambush-of-Saudi-Pr

August 20 – United Kingdom: Assange to Risk British Justice Leaving Ecuador’s Embassy–Assange-to-Risk-British-Justice-Le

August 20 – European Union Lifts Fishing Ban on Denmark’s Faroe Islands

August 19 – Russia’s Retaliatory Sanctions Expose Fault Lines in EU

August 19 – Congo Oil Bonanza Plagued by Tribal, Islamist Conflict

August 16 – Russia: Putin Pledges New Military Unit on Trip to Crimea

August 16 – India: Modi Pledges Aid on Second Trip to Kashmir

August 16 – Bolivia and Peru Plan Joint Radar Stations to Fight Drug Trafficking

August 15 – Burma’s Lost Democratic Momentum Imperils Future Progress

August 15 – Haiti: Authorities Struggle to Recapture Inmates After Mass Prison Break

August 14 – Russia Launches New Military Drills in Islands Disputed With Japan

August 14 – Mozambique: Lawmakers Pass Amnesty Law to Ensure Peaceful Elections

August 13 – Kosovo Apprehends Suspected Radical Islamist Militants

August 13 – Mexico: President Victoriously Signs Historic Energy Reforms into Law

August 13 – Russia: Putin Ally Checkmates Kasparov in Election for World Chess President

August 12 – Terrorists Threaten Tunisia’s Transition to Democracy

August 9 – Central African Republic: Government Resigns as Cease-fire Crumbles

August 9 – France: Police Intervene to Stop Violent Clashes Between African Migrants

August 9 – Russia Bans Planned Siberia Rally for Federalization

August 8 – Italy Expels Imam Following Virulently Anti-Semitic Rant

August 7 – Sanctions Threaten Arctic Ambitions of Russia, Oil Majors

August 7 – China-Canada Tensions Escalate Over Espionage Charges

August 7 – Egypt to Dig New Channel Alongside Suez Canal

August 6 – India’s Modi Boosts Ties With Neighbors to Offset China

8. India

August 6 – Boko Haram Expands Threat, Targets Nigeria’s Economy

August 6 – Belarus Undermines Russia’s Gas Freeze to Ukraine

August 6 – Japan’s Abe Signs Business Deals on Latin America Trip

August 6 – Ghana Seeks International Bailout to Resolve Currency Crisis

August 2 – China: Muslim Uighurs Again Blamed for Violence

August 2 – Georgia: Former President Insinuates Criminal Charges Instigated by Russia

August 2 – Yemeni Government Rescinds Fuel Subsidies Sparking Protests

August 1 – Russia to Appeal Yukos Court Judgment

August 1 – United Kingdom: Government Gives Green Light to Shale Exploration–Government-Gives-Green-Light-to-Sh


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