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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 7/1-7/31/14

In Foreign Affairs on July 31, 2014 at 1:24 pm

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax Media’s Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from July 1 – July 31. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (‘Daily Briefs’) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (‘Analysis’) do require a subscription to the site.

July 31 – Gaza Conflict Fuels Anti-Semitism Sweeping Europe

July 31 – Canada Blames China For Cyber Attack

July 31 – Thailand: Muslim Separatists Allegedly Kill Soldiers and Civilians

July 30 – Taking a Risk, US Ally Philippines Stands Up to China,-U-S–Ally-Philippines-Stands-Up-to-

July 30 – Russia Offers Reward to Break US-Funded Tor Internet Anonymity Network

July 30 – Pakistan: Mob Goes on Deadly Rampage Over Alleged Blasphemy on Facebook

July 27 – United Kingdom: Cameron Visits Shetland Islands to Undercut Scottish Independence

July 26 – Aruba Detains Venezuela Diplomat for US on Drug Trafficking Allegations

July 26 – Spain: Environmentalists Seek to Thwart Canary Islands Oil Exploration

July 25 – Indonesia: President-elect Faces Tough Road to Reform–President-elect-Faces-Tough-Road-to-Ref

July 24 – Amid Chaos, Libyan Hopes for Stability Fading Fast,-Libyan-Hope-for-Stability-Dimming-Fast

July 24 – Yemen: Al Qaeda Franchise Announces Plans for New Islamist State–Al-Qaeda-Franchise-Announces-Plans-for-New-

July 24 – Russia: Putin Penalizes Separatist Sentiments and Mulls ’Solidarity Tax’

July 24 – China Quarantines City of 30,000 Following Bubonic Plague Death

July 23 – Bahrain: Government Seeks Ban on Leading Opposition Party

July 23 – South Sudan: Rebels Break Cease-Fire–Rebels-Break-Cease-Fire-Ahead-of-Peac

July 23 – Chinese President Signs Deals Worth Billions on Latin America Tour

July 19 – Greece: Security Forces Arrest Domestic Terrorist

July 19 – Mali: Violence Persists as New Peace Talks Ensue

July 19 – Cambodia Renews Crackdown on Opposition

July 18 – Saudi-Iranian Proxy War Thwarts Progress in Yemen–Saudi-Arabia,-Iran-Lock-Horns-in-Proxy-War

July 18 – Qatar Secures $11 Billion Arms Deal With United States$11-Billion-Arms-Deal-With-United-St

July 18 – Balkan States Pursue Closer Economic Cooperation

July 17 – China, Russia Scramble to Fill US Leadership Void in Latin America

July 17 – Islamic Army’s Advance Ignites European Terrorism Fears

7. EU Terror

July 17 – Kenyan Authorities Intercept Massive Heroin Load

July 16 – Fears of Terrorist Alliance Drive Egyptian Crackdown in Sinai

July 16 – Kuwait: Interior Ministry to Review Citizenships of Dissidents

July 16 – Malaysia: Persistent Violence Threatens Borneo Tourism

July 16 – South Africa: Repeated Mining Strikes Deal Blow to Automakers

July 14 – Cartel Turf Wars Threaten Mexico’s Energy Renaissance

July 12 – Google Establishes $100 Million Venture Capital Fund for European Startups$100-Million-Venture-Capital-Fu

July 12 – Russia: South Stream Pipeline Dominates Talks With European States

July 12 – UN Awards Bangladesh Maritime Territory in India Dispute

July 12 – Somalia: President Reshuffles Security Chiefs After Al Shabaab Rampage

July 11 – Putin Works Stealthily to Unravel EU Deals in Eastern Europe

July 10 – China Bars Officials and Students in Xinjiang From Fasting for Ramadan

July 10 – Nigeria: Over 60 Abducted Women Escape Boko Haram’s Clutches

July 9 – Spain Bets on Tax Cuts, Not Austerity, to Restore Growth

July 9 – India: Judges Deal Blow to Islamic Sharia Law

July 9 – Russia Stops Second Top Tatar Leader from Returning to Crimea

July 9 – Uganda: Military Clashes With Tribal Rebels in Oil-Rich Region

July 7 – Thailand Extradites Alleged Russian Crime Boss

July 6 – Mexico: Thieves Steal Another Truck of Radioactive Material

July 5 – Greece: Power Workers Strike Causes Blackouts

July 3 – Strained Japan-South Korea Ties Undermine Unified Response to China

July 3 – France: Authorities Pursue Former President Sarkozy for Alleged Corruption

July 3 – Mongolia: Legislature Approves Amendments to Mining Laws

July 3 – Panama Offers Gangsters Chance at Amnesty

July 2 – Bulgaria Takes Emergency Measures to Stabilize Banks

July 2 – China: Communist Party Expels Disgraced Officials Over Corruption Charges

July 2 – Somalia: Al Shabaab Begins Ramadan With Deadly Mogadishu Bombings–(1)


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