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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 5/1-5/31/13

In Foreign Affairs on May 31, 2013 at 9:11 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from May 1 – May 31. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (InBriefs) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (Analysis) do require a subscription to the site.

May 31 – Can a Trading Bloc Help Latin America Outgrow Leftism?

May 31 – Russia: Mass Corruption Funneling Billions From Sochi Olympics

May 31 – Argentine Official Claims Iranian Agents Infiltrating Latin America

May 31 – Sudan: Renewed Darfur Clashes Highlight Persistent Fragility of Region

May 30 – Mali Jihadists Resurface in Niger

May 30 – Italy: Rome Election Uncertainty Reflects National Political Troubles

May 30 – Afghanistan: Taliban Reign of Terror Continues Unabated

May 30 – Japan/Russia: Inpex and Rosneft to Explore Sea of Okhotsk

May 29 – Philippines: Abu Sayyaf Remains Deadly Threat

May 29 – Ireland: Government Rejects Accusations of Being Tax Haven

May 29 – Colombia: Major Land Deal Brings Country One Step Closer to Peace

May 28 – Slovenia Gives Austerity One Last Chance

May 23 – Spain: Rajoy Risks Everything With School Cuts

May 23 – Iceland Follows UK Footsteps in Calling For Referendum on EU Membership

May 23 – Malaysia: Political Tensions Rise Amid New Crackdown

May 23 – Russia/Venezuela: Rosneft Trades Loan For Oil Partnership

May 22 – Sweden: Mass Riots Shake Stockholm

May 22 – Chile: Student Protests Growing Increasingly Violent

May 22 – Zambia: Unrest Could Threaten Copper Production

May 22 – Morocco: Ruling Coalition in Crisis Over Reforms

May 21- Argentina: Kirchner Plays Her Last Cards, But They Won’t Save Her–Kirchner-Plays-Her-Last-Cards-But-They

May 21 – Saudi Arabia: Government and Oil Companies Targeted By Hackers

May 21- Russia: Moscow Considers Reducing Stake in Rosneft

May 20 – China Pursues New Role in Arab-Israeli Conflict

May 17 – Australia/Mongolia: Australia Grants Loan for Rio Tinto Mongolia Mine

May 17 – Bolivia: Mass Protests Challenge Morales Leadership

May 17 – Arctic Council Adds Six Observer Seats

May 16 – Bulgaria Faces Political Deadlock Amid Slow-Growth Austerity

May 15 – Is the US-Trained Congo Military Making Things Worse?

May 15 – Nigeria: President Declares State of Emergency Against Boko Haram

May 15 – Guyana: Repsol Secures Offshore Exploration License

May 15 – EU Raids BP, Shell, Statoil Investigating Price-Fixing

May 15 – Canada/Italy: Canadian Mafia Bosses Killed in Sicily

May 14 – Guatemala: Government Frets After Court Finds Former Dictator Guilty of Genocide

May 14 – Bangladesh: Major Global Retailers Sign Factory Safety Pact

May 10 – How an Energy Shortage is Putting Britain in Peril–Natural-Gas-Shortages-Huge-Price-Swings-to-Co

May 10 – France: Paris Grapples With Radicalization in Prison

May 10 – Philippines: Access to Alcohol and Money Limited Ahead of Elections

May 10 – East Timor Seeks to Scrap Oil and Gas Agreement With Australia

May 9 – New Unrest in Nigeria Threatens OIl Production

May 8 – China/India: Tensions Ease After Troops Withdraw from Disputed Province

May 8 – Syria/Israel: Damascus Gives Palestinian Militants Approval to Retaliate–Damascus-Gives-Palestinian-Militants

May 8 – Saudi Arabia: Government Relaxes Some Prohibitions on Women

May 8 – United States Warns of Pending Cyberattacks From Middle East

May 8 – Guinea: More Violence Threatens Stability As Elections Loom

May 7 – Canada Facing Backlash For Refusal to Abandon Values

May 7 – Swiss Immigration Quotas Signal End of the New Europe

May 3 – Guatemala: State of Emergency to Stop Anti-Mining Protests

May 3 – Canada Rejects Ecuador Lawsuit Seeking Chevron Assets

May 3 – Global Press Freedom Worsening

May 3 – Netherlands Gets First King in More Than 120 Years

May 2 – South Africa’s ANC Strengthens Grip During Crisis

May 2 – Slovenia: Credit Rating Downgrade Makes Bailout More Likely

May 2 – UK Again Warns Scotland Against Secession

May 1- All Is Not Well In Deceptively Calm Algeria

8. Algeria

May 1- Landlocked Bolivia Sues Chile For Access to Sea

May 1 – Madagascar: July Electons Bring Deja Vu of Crisis


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