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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 4/1-4/30/13

In Foreign Affairs on April 30, 2013 at 11:14 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from April 1 – April 30. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (InBriefs) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (Analysis) do require a subscription to the site.

Apr 30 – Kosovo Agreement Could Bring Peace to the Balkans, Finally

Apr 30 – Iraq: Government Bans Al Jazeera Amid Rising Conflict

Apr 26 – Peru: Government Considers Buying Repsol Assets–Government-Considers-Buying-Repsol-Assets

Apr 26 – Bahrain Urges Gulf Unity to Combat Iranian Threat

Apr 26 – Poland/Russia: Warsaw Removes Treasury Minister Over Botched Gazprom Deal–Warsaw-Removes-Treasury-Minister-Ov

Apr 25 – Ivory Coast Local Elections Test Post-Conflict Stability

Apr 24 – In Cracking Down on Dissent, Kuwait Takes a Step Backward

Apr 24 – Somalia: IMF Recognition Gives Hope for Recovery

Apr 24 – Mexico: Scandal Threatens President’s Reform Agenda

Apr 24 – Rosneft Considers Partnering WIth ExxonMobil in Iraq

Apr 24 – Belize: Court Kills Offshore Oil Contracts

Apr 24 – Zimbabwe: Upcoming Elections Facing Significant Obstacles

Apr 24 – Mozambique/South Africa: BP to Expand Operations With $540 Million Investment

Apr 22 – Political Violence Could Derail Mozambique Energy Boom

Apr 19 – Lebanon: Government Moves Forward With Gas Exploration Plans

Apr 19 – Kazakhstan: Government Ends Moratorium on New Mining Licenses

Apr 19 – Guatemala: Judge Annuls Genocide Trial of Former Leader

Apr 18 – As Formula One Race Begins, Bahrain Braces for More Protests

Apr 17 – Western Sahara in Danger of Becoming a Terrorist Haven

Apr 17 – Indonesia: Eni Wants to Boost Operations

Apr 17 – China: Glencore-Xstrata Merger Gets Green Light After Beijing Approval

Apr 17 – Uganda: CNOOC and Total Agree to Build Country’s First Oil Refinery

Apr 16 – Sudan/South Sudan: Progress on Fragile Peace Accord–Progress-on-Fragile-Peace-Accor

Apr 16 – Netherlands: Government Postpones Austerity Measures

Apr 16 – Ivory Coast: President Gains Complete Control Over Economy

Apr 16 – Japan/Taiwan/China: Tensions Flare over Senkaku Islands

Apr 12 – Chile: Renewed Student Protests Threaten Renewed Unrest

Apr 12 – UK: BP Suggests Shale Gas Could Boost Economy

Apr 12 – EU Considers New Anti-Trust Investigation Against Google

Apr 11 – Libya’s Recovery Threatened by Large Militias

Apr 11 – Islamists Could Force France to Take Long-term Mali Role

Apr 10 – Syrian Refugees Finding Neighbors Hospitality Wearing Thin

Apr 10 – Amnesty International Reports Global Death Penalty Trends Generally Falling

Apr 10 – The Netherlands Facing Looming Economic Crisis

Apr 10 – Uruguay/Argentina: Presidential Animosity Latest Wedge in Mercosur

Apr 9 – Indonesia: New Power for President Will Help Economy–New-Power-for-President-Will-Help-Econo

Apr 9 – Russia: Gazprom and Shell to Partner for Offshore Arctic Exploration

Apr 9 – UK/Somalia: UK Warns of Imminent Terrorist Attacks in Mogadishu

Apr 9 – Montenegro: Pro-EU Incumbent President Reelected

Apr 8 – Kenya Relieved by Post-Election Calm

Apr 5 – Gaza: Hamas Elects Leadership Choosing Status Quo

Apr 5 – Democratic Republic of Congo: UN Approves ‘Intervention Brigade’ To Stop Rebel Threats–To-Stop-Democra

Apr 5 – Mongolia Quietly Backing Down From Mining Standoff

Apr 4 – Brazil Likely to Become Major Energy Exporter

Apr 4 – Argentina: YPF Signs Patagonia Shale Exploration Deal With Dow Chemical

Apr 4 – Cyprus/Turkey: Eni Facing Turkish Wrath For Cyprus Gas Exploration

Apr 4 – Guinea: Guinea Headed For Rocky Elections Amid Opposition Boycott

Apr 2 – Poland Referendum Could Threaten Euro Ambitions

Apr 2 – Sri Lanka: Sectarian Violence Threatens Stability

Apr 2 – UK: BP Pursues Shetland Islands Oil Exploration

Apr 2 – New Gulf of Mexico Oil Discoveries Good Sign For Region’s Potential


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