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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 1/1-1/31/13

In Foreign Affairs on January 31, 2013 at 11:50 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from January 1 – January 31. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (InBriefs) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (Analysis) do require a subscription to the site.

Jan 31 – Morocco Seeks Oil Expansion to Offset Poverty, Radicalism

Jan 30 – Bankrupt and Mired in Violence, Honduras Pushes for National Overhaul

Jan 29 – Russia: Gazprom Joins Shale Race WIth Siberian Drilling

Jan 25 – Jordan: Election Results a Big Win for King–Election-Results-a-Big-Win-for-King

Jan 24 – Tunisia: Unrest Still Simmers at Source of Arab Spring–Unrest-Stills-Simmers-at-Source-of-Arab-S

2. Tunisia

Jan 23 – Eastern Europe Dreams of Shale Success

Jan 22 – Mongolia: New Mining Law May Impede Development

Jan 22 – China: Chevron Sees Potential in South China Sea Despite Conflict

Jan 22 – Ghana: Eni Announces Commercially VIable Oil Discovery

Jan 21 – Havana Eases Travel in Bid to Boost Flagging Economy

Jan 17 – Brazil May Get Red Card for World Cup, Olympics

Jan 17 – New Report Says Iran Providing Arms to African Conflicts

Jan 17 – Sri Lanka: President Consolidates Power

Jan 16 – Desperate for Expertise, China Lets US Company Return–ConocoPhillips-Resumes-Operations-China-Eye

Jan 15 – Serbia Conceding Reality on Kosovo Ambitions

Jan 11 – Radical Islam a Growing Concern in the Balkans

Jan 10 – Truce Between Sudan and South Sudan Unlikely to Hold

Jan 10 – UK Paliament Warns Cyber Attack Could Devastate Military

Jan 9 – Iceland Tries to Find Elusive Offshore Oil and Gas

Jan 8 – Algeria Launches Successful Assault on Al Qaeda

Jan 8 – Bolivia Eyes Production of Vast Lithium Deposits

Jan 7 – Romania: GDP Calculation Error Reverberates Through Bucharest

Jan 7 – Bangladesh: Violence Erupts At Opposition Protests Over Fuel Hike

Jan 4 – Lebanon Plays Catch Up for Offshore Gas Exploration

Jan 3 – Journalists Expected to Face Record Arrests in 2013

Jan 2 – Turbulence Expected in South Asia in 2013

2. South Asia


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