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Archive of My Clips on Newsmax’s The Wire 11/1-11/30/12

In Domestic Policy on December 1, 2012 at 2:04 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s, The Wire from November 1 – November 30.

November 29 – Gingrich: ‘Fiscal Cliff is a Fantasy’

November 27 – Liberals Demand Action From Calif. Supermajority

November 27 – Texas Bill Revives Gambling Debate

November 21 – Pastors Defy IRS Rule on Church and Politics

November 20 – Calif.’s First Cap-and-Trade Auction Declared a Success

November 19 – Ariz. Medical Marijuana, DUI Laws Could Clash

November 19 – GOP ‘Young Gun’ Recruitment Effort Failed in Calif.

November 19 – San Francisco Considers Ban on Publlic Nudity

November 15 – Texas Gov. Perry Wants to Tighten Spending Cap

November 15 – Calif. Democrats Achieve Supermajority in Legislature

November 15 – Calif. Fiscal Outlook Marks “Dramatic Turnaround”

November 14 – L.A. School Board Implements Food Policy Reforms

November 14 – NM Gun Range Resumes Online Concealed Permit Class

November 13 – Lobbying Effort Derails Los Angeles Real Estate Tax

November 13 – Arizona’s Brewer Mulls Third Term

November 12 – Half of Calif. Voters Stay Home

November 2 – PACs Dumping Money Into NM Legislative Races

  1. My cousin sent me here and I’m happy to read these! I will definitely bookmark it and come back!

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