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Archive of My Clips on Newsmax’s The Wire 10/1-10/31/12

In Domestic Policy on October 31, 2012 at 11:19 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s, The Wire from October 2 – October 31.

October 31 – L.A. Considers Sales Tax Increase

October 31 – Perry Pushes Texas as Leader of Stem-Cell Research

October 29 – GOP Spending Narrows Wash. Race

October 26 – Texas Gets OK to Defund Planned Parenthood

October 25 – Support Erodes for Calif. Tax Measure

October 25 – Wash. County Agrees to Accommodate Muslim Inmates

October 25 – Gov. Brewer Releases Ariz. PAC Money

October 24 – GOP Drops Millions into Flake Race

October 24 – Anti-Obama Film Draws Protests in Texas

October 23 – Silicon Valley Residents More Optimistic About Economy

October 23 – GOP Conservatives Seek Removal of Ariz. Justice

October 19 – Oregon Measure Treats Marijuana Like Alcohol

October 19 – Calif. Cyclists Angry Over Being ‘Jerry Browned’

October 18 – Calif. Redistricting Drives Money to Key Races

October 18 – Effort to Draft Castro for Governor Launched in Texas

October 17 – Threat Made Against Occupy Oakland Protestors

October 17 – LA Considers ID Card for Undocumented Immigrants

October 17 – Texas Launches High-Speed Rail Study

October 15 – Parties Focus High Hopes on Long Beach House Race

October 12 – Former L.A. Mayor Promotes Pension Ballot

October 12 – Simi Valley Halloween Law Draws National Attention

October 11 – Calif. Energy Projects Tied to Election Outcome

October 11 – Ariz. Dem Shies Away from Obamacare

October 10 – Santa Monica Sued Over Nativity Scene Ban

October 10 – Radio Host Savage Ready for Comeback

October 4 – L.A. Sheriff Baca Agrees to Reform

October 4 – Ariz. GOP Candidate Accuses Democrats of Racism

October 2 – New Calif. Laws Set Framework for Spending Cap-and-Trade Revenue


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