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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 3/1-3/31/12

In Foreign Affairs on April 1, 2012 at 2:47 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from March 1-March 31. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (InBriefs) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (Analysis) do require a subscription to the site. Since starting work at LIGNET I’ve written about 173 countries

Mar 30 – Philippines: Government Turns to Smart Bombs to Combat Al Qaeda Affiliates

Mar 30 – Kenya: First Oil Find Discovered; Could be Large and Commercially Viable–First-Oil-Find-Discovered-Could-be-Large-an

Mar 29 – The Bahamas: Former NYPD Commissioner Consults Bahamas in Fighting Crime, Drug Trafficking–Former-NYPD-Commissioner-Consults-Bah

Mar 27 – Canada/Japan: Free Trade Negotiations Likely Prompted by Automobile Industry

Mar 27 – China/Albania: Beijing Looks to Boost Economic Ties with Albania–Beijing-Looks-to-Boost-Economic-Tie

Mar 27 – Swaziland: Students Protest Government Decision to Block Twitter and Facebook Posts Criticizing King

Mar 26 – Israel: Balancing Expanded Ties With Beijing and New Delhi

Mar 26 – Malawi: Government Crackdown Intensifies As President Refuses to Step Down–Government-Crackdown-Intensifies-As-Preside

Mar 23 – European Union: Boeing Backs Airbus in Fight Against EU Airliner Carbon Tax–Boeing-Backs-Airbus-in-Fight-Again

Mar 23 – Colombia: Military Operation Kills 33 FARC Rebels–Military-Operation-Kills-33-FARC-Rebels

Mar 23 – Iran/Afghanistan/Tajikistan: Ahmadinejad Visits Tajikistan to Discuss Afghanistan–Ahmadinejad-Visits-Ta

Mar 22 – Mali: Military Coup Over Alleged Mismanagement of Tuareg Rebellion–Military-Coup-Over-Alleged-Mismanagement-of-

Mar 21 – Mali/Algeria: Tuareg Rebellion Threatens Regional Stability–Tuareg-Rebellion-Threatens-Regional-

Mar 21 – European Union: General Motors Faces Opel Problem Soon After Embracing Peugeot–General-Motors-Faces-Opel-Problem-

Mar 21 – Honduras: Drug Traffickers Likely Behind Several Recent Massacres

Mar 19 – Moldova: Pro-EU Judge Becomes First President in Three Years

Mar 19 – India: Ford Looks to Expand Indian Operations–Ford-Looks-to-Expand-Indian-Operations

Mar 19 – East Timor: Presidential Election Ousts Incumbent in First Round of Voting

Mar 18 – Tonga: Death of Democratizing King Tupou V Could Prompt Default–Death-of-Democratizing-King-Tuopu-V-Could-P

Mar 14 – Iraq: Total Looks to Invest in Kurdistan Following the Lead of Exxon Mobil–Total-Looks-to-Invest-in-Kurdistan-Following

Mar 14 – Japan/Mongolia: Free Trade Agreement Could Provide Tokyo With Energy, Rare Earth Elements–Free-Trade-Agreement-Could-Provide

Mar 13 – Paraguay: Major Drug Bust By Anti-Narcotics Operation–Major-Drug-Bust-By-Anti-Narcotics-Operat

Mar 13 – UNESCO/Equatorial Guinea: UNESCO Accepts Tainted Prize From Dictator–UNESCO-Accepts-Tainted-P

Mar 12 – Israel/Balkans: Jerusalem Gains Strategic Allies to Offset Turkish Belligerence

Mar 12 – Trinidad and Tobago/Barbados: Caribbean Gas Pipeline Construction to Start in 2013–Caribbean-Gas-Pipeli

Mar 12 – Kenya: Nairobi Blames Al Shabaab for Terror Attack

Mar 12 – Mauritania: Government Releases Terrorist Suspect to Free Kidnapped Policeman–Government-Releases-Terrorist-Suspect-

Mar 11 – Slovakia: Leftist Opposition Wins Landslide in Parliamentary Elections–Leftist-Opposition-Wins-Landslide-in-Par

Mar 9 – Israel/Canada: Netanyahu Presses PM Harper on Iran

Mar 9 – Belize: Reelected Prime Minister to Look to Chavez for Oil

Mar 9 – Afghanistan/Uzbekistan: NATO Forces Capture Two Uzbek Militant Leaders in Afghanistan

Mar 8 – Libya: Stability Uncertain After Eastern Leaders Declare Semi-Autonomy–Stability-Uncertain-After-Eastern-Leaders-D

Mar 8 – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines/United Kingdom/Falklands: Leftist PM Refuses to Meet With Falklands Representatives

Mar 8 – Kiribati/Fiji: President in Talks to Buy Land From Fiji to Resettle Entire Population

Mar 7 – Canada/Syria: Ottawa Closes Embassy in Damascus–Ottawa-Closes-Embassy-in-Damascus

Mar 7 – China/Macau/Hong Kong: Premier Announces Support for Macau and Hong Kong Democracy and Economic Efforts

Mar 7 – Somalia: Mogadishu Applies to Join the East African Community–Mogadishu-Applies-to-Join-the-East-Africa

Mar 5 – China/Taiwan/Japan: Beijing and Taipei Slam Tokyo Over Naming Disputed Islands

Mar 5 – Denmark: Copenhagen Charges Four Suspects With Plotting Terrorist Attacks

Mar 5 – Niger/Chad/Cameroon/China: Niger to Ship Chinese Oil Via Chad-Cameroon Pipeline

Mar 2 – North Sea Oil Likely to See Investments Increase in 2012

Mar 2 – Costa Rica: President Supports Guatemala in Calls for Regional Debate on Drug Legalization

Mar 2 – Serbia: European Union Grants Belgrade Candidate Status–European-Union-Grants-Belgrade-Candidate-S

Mar 1 – France/Turkey: French Court Strikes Down Armenian Genocide Law to the Delight of Ankara

Mar 1 – Interpol: Website Hacked After Suspected Members of Anonymous Arrested

Mar 1 – China/Uganda: Beijing Considers Letting Uganda Export Goods Tax Free to China to Help Win Oil Agreement–Beijing-Considers-Letting-Uganda-Exp

Mar 1 – Sudan/Central African Republic: Countries Discuss Forming Joint Border Patrol to Combat Violence–Countries-Discuss-F


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