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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 2/1-2/29/12

In Foreign Affairs on February 29, 2012 at 6:08 pm

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) from February 1-February 29. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (InBriefs) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (Analysis) do require a subscription to the site. Since starting work at LIGNET I’ve written about 151 countries

Feb 29 – Belarus: Minsk Expels EU Ambassadors Over New Sanctions

Feb 29 – South Africa/Namibia/Zimbabwe: South African President Hopes Drag Regional Countries into Mugabe Controversy–South-African-Presi

Feb 29 – Solomon Islands/Russia: Solomon Islands Appoints New FM to Distance Country From Moscow

Feb 29 – Lesotho: Prime MInister Ditches Ruling Party; Makes Them Opposition

Feb 28 – Bahrain: Opposition Seething One Year After Arab Spring Protests

Feb 28 – France/Benin/Burkina Faso/Mali: French FM’s Africa Tour Focuses on Instability–French-FM-s-Africa

Feb 28 – Brunei: Sultan Seeks to Expand Ties With Other Muslim Countries

Feb 28 – Iran/Lebanon: Iranian Defense Minister Says Boosting Lebanese Army Is Part of Iranian Policy

Feb 28 – Colombia: FARC Promises to Stop Kidnapping For Ransom

Feb 27 – Hungary/Germany: Budapest Turns to Berlin After EU Announces Plan to Punish It Over Debt–Budapest-Turns-to-Berlin-After-EU

Feb 27 – Nepal/TIbet/China: Nepal Arrests Tibetans Protesting China

Feb 27 – Antarctica/Brazil/Chile: Brazil Loses Millions After Antarctic Base Explodes–Brasil-Loses-Millions-Aft

Feb 23 – Yemen: Successful Election Ends President Saleh’s Rule Election-Ends-President-Saleh-s-R

Feb 23 – China/Bulgaria: Beijing Opens First European Auto Plant in Bulgaria

Feb 23 – Malaysia/Japan: Court Challenge Could Delay Rare Earth Plant–Court-Challenge-Could-Delay-Rare-E

Feb 23 – France/Equatorial Guinea/Gabon/Congo: Tensions Rise as France Investigates Embezzlement By African Despots

Feb 22 – Countries Hunt for Rare Minerals to Offset Imports from China

Feb 22 – Sierra Leone/Liberia: New Offshore Oil Deposits Discovered

Feb 22 – Spain: Protests Erupt Over Budget Cuts and Police Violence–Protests-Erupt-Over-Budget-Cuts-and-Police-

Feb 22 – Georgia: Coalition of Opposition Parties Forms to Challenge President in Fall Elections

Feb 22 – Malta/Libya: Malta Returns Two Mirage F1 Fighter Jets to Libya

Feb 21 – Ireland/China: Dublin and Beijing to Expand Trade

Feb 21 – Vatican: Pope Appoints New Cardinals to Combat Infighting–Pope-Appoints-New-Cardinals-to-Combat-Inf

Feb 20 – Mali: Tuareg Rebellion Gains Momentum Potentially Destabilizing Region

Feb 17 – Israel/Cyprus: Netanyahu Visits Cyprus to Talk Cooperation, Will Anger Turkey

Feb 17 – Russia/Turkmenistan/Algeria: Moscow to Sell %500 Million in Tanks to Turkmenistan, Algeria$500-Mi

Feb 17 – United Kingdom/Botswana: Visit by UK Foreign Secretary Expands Ties

Feb 17 – Dominican Republic/Russia; Dominican Republic Offers Gazprom Incentives to Explore for Offshore Oil

Feb 16 – Falklands/Dominica/Antigua and Barbuda: Countries Distance Themselves From ALBA Decision to Ban Falkland Ships–Countries-

Feb 16 – Sri Lanka: Government Cracks Down on Protests on Fuel Price Increase–Government-Cracks-Down-on-Protests-Over

Feb 16 – Montenegro/Russia: Montenegro to Join Russia’s South Stream Gas Pipeline–Montenegro-to-Join-Russia-s-Sou

Feb 16 – Venezuela: Opposition Refuses Order to Surrender Voter List to Government–Opposition-Refuses-Order-to-Surrender-V

Feb 15 – Guyana: Drilling of Oil Well Resumes After 12 Year Delay

Feb 15 – Nigeria/Benin/Togo: Agreement to Fight Uptick in Piracy in Gulf of Guinea

Feb 15 – Russia/Angola: Moscow Agrees to Expand Economic Ties

Feb 15 – Nicaragua: Central Bank President Quits After Ortega Pledges to Use Funds For ALBA Bank

Feb 14 – Philippines: Al Qaeda Affiliates on the Ropes

Feb 14 – Lebanon/Syria: Violence Spills into Northern Lebanon

Feb 14 – European Union: Thousands Brave Subzero Temperatures to Protest ACTA

Feb 14 – China/Chad/Cameroon: Beijing to Ship Oil From Chad Through Cameroon By End of 2012

Feb 14 – India/Maldives: New Delhi Fears Terrorism in Aftermath of Coup

Feb 14 – Poland/Lithuania: Unified Natural Gas Networks A Step Closer to Approval

Feb 13 – Russia/Armenia: Moscow Looks to Expand Security Ties With Armenia

Feb 10 – Syria/Hamas/Qatar: Hamas Moves Headquarters to Doha to Avoid Syria Fallout

Feb 10 – Netherlands: Mitsubishi to End Auto Production in Netherlands

Feb 9 – China/European Union: Beijing Bans Airlines From Paying EU Carbon Tax

Feb 9 – Suriname/St. Lucia: Countries Take Hard Left As They Join ALBA Bloc

Feb 9 – South Africa/Tanzania/Mozambique: Countries to Cooperate in Combating Piracy–Countries-to-Coo

Feb 9 – Guinea: Government Threatens to Cancel Mining Licenses–Government-Threatens-to-Cancel-Mining-Lice

Feb 8 – Yemen: Saleh’s Presence to Determine Outcome of Elections

Feb 8 – Kyrgyzstan/Canada: Kyrgyz Workers Strike At Major Canadian-Operated Gold Mine–Kyrgyz-Workers-Strike-At-Major-

Feb 8 – Russia/Belarus/Ukraine: Gazprom to Increase Gas Exports Via Belarus As Tensions Rise Between Moscow and Kiev

Feb 8 – Sudan/South Sudan/China; Kidnapped Workers Released With Help From South Sudan

Feb 7 – Israel/Lebanon: Third Major Natural Gas Find Off Coast of Israel Could Prompt Renewed Challenges from Beirut

Feb 7 – Romania: Opposition Demands Early Elections After Prime Minister Resigns

Feb 7 – Cambodia/Iran: Cambodia to Defy International Sanctions Against Importing Iranian Oil

Feb 7 – China/Djibouti: Beijing Looks to Invest in Strategically Important Djibouti

Feb 6 – Tiny Qatar: A Big Problem for Syria–A-Big-Problem-For-Syria

Feb 6 – Tunisia/Syria: Tunis Expels Ambassador and Cuts Ties With Syria

Feb 6 – Finland: First Conservative in 30 Years Elected President

Feb 6 – Panama: Government Attempts to Remove Protestors Blocking Major Highway

Feb 6 – Mauritius/Seychelles/India: Mauritius and Seychelles Look to New Delhi to Offset Chinese Influence

Feb 3 – Kuwait: Islamist Opposition Gains in Elections

Feb 3 – Uruguay/Brazil/Argentina: Montevideo and Brasilia Upset With New Argentine Trade Restrictions

Feb 3 – Portugal: Lisbon to Sell 40 Percent Stake of National Power Company to China and Oman–Lisbon-to-Sell-40-Percent-Stake-of-Natio

Feb 2 – Morocco/Algeria: Long Bitter Relations Improving–Long-Bitter-Relations-Improving

Feb 2 – Colombia: Terrorist Attack on Police Station Kills 6–Terrorist-Attack-on-Police-Station-Kills

Feb 1 – Uruguay/Brazil/Argentina: Montevideo and Brasilia Upset With New Argentine Trade Restrictions–Montevideo-and-Brasilia-

Feb 1 – African Union: Summit Fails to Elect Leader–Summit-Fails-to-Elect-Leader

Feb 1 – Macedonia/Turkey: Leaders Meet to Build Political and Economic Ties, Counter Greek Opposition to Macedonia


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