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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 1/1-1/31/12

In Foreign Affairs on January 31, 2012 at 2:53 pm

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET) in January 2012. These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (InBriefs) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (Analysis) do require a subscription to the site. This month I was especially productive, writing 59 articles. Since starting work at LIGNET I’ve also written about 104 countries.

Jan 31 – Algeria: Crackdown On Al Qaeda-Linked Terrorists–Government-Stops-Al-Qaeda-Linked-Terror-A

Jan 31 – Venezuela: Chavez Threat to Nationalize Banks Part of Reelection Campaign–Chavez-Threat-to-Nationalize-Banks-Part

Jan 31 – Pakistan/BUrma: Islamabad Seeks to Expand Economic Ties With Burma

Jan 31 – Germany/France: Merkel To Support Sarkozy in French Elections

Jan 30 – Senegal: Protests Erupt After Court Allows President to Seek Third Term

Jan 30 – Jordan: Hamas Chief Looks to Restore Relations With Jordan–Hamas-Chief-Looks-To-Restore-Relations-Wit

Jan 30 – Japan/Russia: Tokyo and Moscow to Improve Economic And Security Ties; Kuril Islands Dispute Lingers–Tokyo-and-Moscow-to-Improve-Economic

Jan 30 – Sudan/China: Sudanese Rebels Kidnap Chinese Workers

Jan 27 – Burma: Democratic Awakening Stirs China’s Pot

Jan 27 – Mexico: NIssan To Invest $2 Billion in New Mexican Auto Plant$2-Billion-in-New-Mexican-

Jan 27 – Poland: Thousands Protest After Internet Censorship Treaty Passes

Jan 27 – Greenland/Norway: Deal Struck for Oil Exploration Off Greenland

Jan 26 – Afghanistan/France; Paris Decides Against Withdrawing Troops Early–Paris-Decides-Against-Withdraw

Jan 26 – El Salvador: President Replaces Police Chief As Threat of Gang Violence Grows

Jan 26 – Turkey/Iraq: Ankara Threatens To Intervene In Iraq If Violence Continues

Jan 25 – Mali: Government Plans to Expand Its Stake In Mines And Reduce Taxes–Government-Plans-To-Expand-Its-Stake-in-Mine

Jan 25 – Oman: Government Opens Talks to Buy Fighter Jets From BAE–Government-Opens-Talks-to-Buy-Fighter-Jets-F

Jan 25 – India/Russia: New Delhi Adds New Nuclear Submarines to Navy–New-Delhi-Adds-New-Nuclear-Submarine

Jan 25 – Europe’s Last Oil Refiner Will File For Insolvency

Jan 24 – France/Turkey: Paris Closer To Passing Armenian Genocide Law

Jan 24 – Philippines/Qatar/Kuwait: Manila Hopes for $1.5 Billion Investment—Manila-Hopes-For-one-Bi

Jan 24 – Croatia: Voters Overwhelmingly Support Joining European Union–Voters-Overwhelmingly-Support-Joining-Eur

Jan 23 – Israel/Africa: Jerusalem Turns to Africa For Strategic Allies

Jan 23 – India/Iran: Tehran Asks New Delhi To Pay For Oil In Yen

Jan 23 – Gaza: Resignation of Head of Hamas Political Bureau a Setback to Palestinian Unity Plan–Resignation-of-Head-of-Hamas-Political-Burea

Jan 23 – Madagascar: Exiled President Prevented From Returning

Jan 23 – Hong Kong/New Zealand: Mega Upload Founder Arrested As $39 Million in Assets Frozen–Mega-Upload-Founder-Arreste

Jan 20 – Bangladesh: Coup Attempt By Alleged Radical Islamists Fails–Coup-Attempt-By-Alleged-Radical-Islami

Jan 20 – Philippines/Thailand: Manila and Bangkok to Expand Economic Ties

Jan 19 – Iran/Latin America: Ahmadinejad Achieved Little From Latin Dictator Tour–Ahmadinejad-Achieved-Little-From-Latin-Dicta

Jan 19 – Eritrea/Ethiopia: Tourists Killed By Allegedly Eritrean Gunmen in Northern Ethiopia–Tourists-Killed-By-Allegedly-Eri

Jan 19 – Nigeria: Boko Haram Christmas Day Church Bombing Suspect Escapes–Boko-Haram-Christmas-Day-Church-Bombing-S

Jan 19 – Romania: Government Makes More Concessions To Stop Protests

Jan 19 – France: Last Ditch Proposal to Boost Sarkozy’s Re-election Bid

Jan 18 – Ethiopia: Leasing Land To Foreign Companies Prompts Forced Resettlements–Leasing-Land-To-Foreign-Companies-Prompt

Jan 18 – Azerbaijan/Israel/United Arab Emirates/Saudi Arabia/Iran: Cyber Attacks Escalate

Jan 18 – United Kingdom/Jordan: Radical Islamist Cleric Will Not Be Deported to Jordan

Jan 17 – Yemen: Saleh’s Continued Presence Is Helping al Qaeda

Jan 17 – Japan: Cabinet Reshuffle Fails to Boost Prime Minister’s Popularity

Jan 17 – Kazakhstan: Ruling Party Remains Dominant After Election

Jan 17 – Sudan/South Sudan: Oil Spat Could Cause Pipeline Closure

Jan 16 – Switzerland: Vice Chairman of Swiss National Bank Takes Over After Chairman Resigns

Jan 16 – South Sudan: Resumed Tribal Violence Threatens Stability

Jan 16 – Romania: Government Holds Emergency Meeting After Violent Protests

Jan 16 – Germany/China: Germany to Begin Mining Rare Earth Elements Following Beijing Cuts

Jan 14 – Austria/France: New Downgrade by S&P Could Worsen EU Debt Crisis–New-Downgrade-by-S-and-P-Could-Wor

Jan 13 – Bahrain: Tensions May Escalate As First Anniversary of Protests Nears

Jan 13 – Rwanda/France: Relations Will Likely Improve In Aftermath of New Judicial Probe

Jan 13 – United Kingdom/Kenya: London Warns of Terrorist Threat in Kenya–London-Warns-of-Terrorist-Th

Jan 12 – Canada: Ottawa Considering Oil Pipeline to Asia

Jan 12 – India/Iran: New Delhi Looks to Buy Iranian Oil With Rupees–New-Delhi-Looks-to-Buy-Iranian-Oil-Wit

Jan 12 – Indonesia/Australia: Canberra Big Winner From Jakarta Joining ASEAN Free Trade Agreement–Canberra-Big-Winner-From-Jaka

Jan 12 – Fiji/Australia: Canberra Unlikely to Lift Sanctions After Suva Expands Military Powers

Jan 10 – India/Israel: New Delhi And Jerusalem To Expand Relations

Jan 6 – Burma/United Kingdom: More Reforms By Rangoon May Lead to Lifting Sanctions

Jan 6 – South Sudan/Israel: Alliance Could Help Israel in Dealing With Egypt

Jan 3 – Jamaica: Dramatic Election Victory by Opposition Party

Jan 3 – Turkey/Israel/France: Turkey Angry Over New Armenian Genocide Legislation

Jan 3 – Algeria: Islamists Hope to Expand Power in Algeria


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