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Archive of My Clips on LIGNET 6/15-10/18

In Foreign Affairs on October 18, 2011 at 12:26 am

These are an assortment of the clips I have written while working for Newsmax’s new site, Langley Intelligence Group Network (LIGNET). These articles were published on their site following review by their Analysis Team. Shorter pieces (InBriefs) do not require any sign up, however longer articles (Analysis) do require a subscription to the site. Four of my articles have been the cover story on the LIGNET site.

In the future I will be uploading an archive of my LIGNET articles biweekly.

October 18 – Bosnia and Herzegovina: Crippled by Ethnic Politics–Crippled-by-Ethnic-Politic.aspx

October 18 – Oman: High Voter Turnout Reflects Sultan’s Popularity–High-Voter-Turnout-Reflects-Sultan’s-Popular.aspx

Oct 13 – China: Growing Arctic Energy Ambitions–Growing-Arctic-Energy-Ambitions.aspx

Oct 11 – Chile: Investment in Copper Climbs Despite Market Slump–Investment-in-Copper-Climbs-Despite-Market-.aspx

Oct 11 – Sri Lanka: Violence Occurs After Ruling Party Dominates Local Elections–Violence-Occurs-After-Ruling-Party-Domi.aspx

Oct 10 – Oman: Growing Economy and Island of Stability–Growing-Economy-and-Island-of-Stability.aspx

Oct 10 – Croatia/Syria: Croatian Company Cuts Oil Production in Syria–Croatian-Company-Cuts-Oil-Productio.aspx

Oct 7 – Yemen: Saleh Doesn’t Want to Step Down Until Rivals Removed–Saleh-Doesn’t-Want-to-Step-Down-Until-Rival.aspx

Oct 7 – Bahrain: Medics Sentence Overturned; Will be Retried in Civilian Court–Medics-Sentence-Overturned;-Will-be-Retri.aspx

Oct 5 – Saudi Arabia: Riyadh Pledges to Respond to Violence With “An Iron Fist”–Riyadh-Pledges-to-Respond-to-Violenc.aspx

Oct 4 – Algeria: As Threat of Al Qaeda Grows, Algiers Grants Reforms–As-Threat-of-Al-Qaeda-Grows,-Algiers-Gran.aspx

Oct 4 – China/Burma: Beijing Concerned by Rangoon’s Suspension of Dam–Beijing-Concerned-by-Rangoon’s-Suspen.aspx

Oct 4 – Tuvalu/Tokelau: Water Crisis for Pacific Islands–Water-Crisis-for-Pacific-Islands.aspx

Oct 3 – Bahrain: Medics Sentenced to Prison for Treating Protestors–Medics-Sentenced-to-Prison-for-Assisting-.aspx

Sept 30 – Kosovo/Serbia: Violence Erupts Against NATO Peacekeepers–Violence-Erupts-Against-NATO-Peacek.aspx

Sept 28 – Chile/Bolivia/China/Iran: Scrambling for Latin Lithium–Tehran-and-Beijing-Seek-.aspx

Sept 28 – Iceland/China: Concerns that Chinese Investment is Ploy to Gain Access to Arctic Oil–Concerns-that-Chinese-Investment-is.aspx

Sept 27 – North Korea/China: North Korean Prime Minister Visiting China to Expand Trade–North-Korean-Prime-Minister-Vis.aspx

Sept 26 – ALgeria/Libya: Algiers Issues De Facto Recognition to Libyan National Transition Council–Algiers-Issues-De-Facto-Recognition.aspx

Sept 26 – Yemen: Saleh Returns to Government Attacks on Protestors–Saleh-Returns-to-Government-Attacks-on-Prot.aspx

Sept 22 – Iraq/Syria: Baghdad Begins to Oppose Assad

Sept 21 – Zambia/China: Election in Lusaka Are Referendum on Beijing

Sept 20 – Yemen: Violence in Sanaa Takes Pressure off Al Qaeda

Sept 20 – Lebanon/Iran: Beirut Looks to Sign More Agreements with Tehran

Sept 20 – Iraq/Syria: Iraqi Officials Divided Over Assad; al Qaeda Looks to Syria–Iraqi-Officials-Divided-Over-Assad;-al.aspx

Sept 19 – French Guiana: Large Oil Discovery Mirrors West African Finds

Sept 18 – India/Vietnam/China: Tensions Over Oil Exploitation in South China Sea

Sept 15 – Ghana/China: Accra Reaps Oil Profits with Chinese Investment

Sept 15 – Venezuela/Iran: Ahmadinejad Strengthens Ties with Caracas

Sept 14 – Turkey/Israel/Cyprus: Ankara Opposes Offshore Israeli Gas Fields

Sept 14 – Yemen: Protests Erupt After Saleh Continues to Delay Stepping Down

Also reposted on Newsmax World

Sept 13 – Congo: Dodd-Frank Act Drives Out American Businesses

Sept 9 – Yemen: Ruling Party Offers New Deal for Saleh; Yemeni Forces Attack Al Qaeda Strongholds

Sept 7 – Iran/Cuba/Ecuador: Iran Looks to Expand Influence in Latin America

Sept 6 – Russia/Syria: Moscow Continues to Stand by Damascus

September 3 – Bahrain: Protests Escalate Following Death of 14 Year-Old Boy

September 2 – Iran/Egypt/Israel: Tensions High in Red Sea and Sinai

September 1 – Iran/North Korea/China/Russia: Kim Jong-Il Seeking Investments From Neighbors and Allies

August 31 – Russia/Syria: Moscow Condemns Violence, Demands Reforms–Moscow-Condemns-Violence-Demands-Ref.aspx

August 31 – China: Reliance on U.S. Food Imports Grows–Food-Imports-Grow.aspx

August 31 – Yemen/Somalia/Terrorism: Saleh Talks of Return and Elections, Al Qaeda and al-Shabaab Grow Closer–Saleh-Talks-Of-Return-And.aspx

August 26 – Algeria/Libya: Algeria Delays Recognition of Libyan Rebel Government Due to Concerns about al Qaeda–Algeria-Delays-Recognition-of-Libya.aspx

August 24 – China/Russia/Libya/Syria: China and Russia Fear Loss of Energy Contracts in Post-Revolution Arab States

August 21 – Israel: Gaza Militants Differ on Ceasefire, Violence to Continue

August 21 – Yemen: The Return of President Saleh Would be Setback to Stability

August 19 – Turkey/Iraq/Iran: Turkey’s Cross Border Attack on PKK in Iraq Could be Exploited by Iran

August 18 – Israel/China: Visit of China Chief of Staff Has Economic Implications

August 10 – Israel: Protests Challenge Netanyahu Popularity

July 28 – Lebanon/Israel: Beirut Plans to Fight Israel Over Natural Gas Find

July 23 – China: Countering Beijing’s Monopoly on Supply of Rare Earth Metals–Countering-Bejing-s-Monopoly-on-Supply-of-R.aspx

July 19 – Egypt: New Egyptian Cabinet Formed; Islamists Divided–New-Egyptian-Cabinet-Formed;-Islamists-D.aspx

July 4 – Vietnam: Anti-China Protests Continue–Anti-China-Protests-Continue.aspx

July 1 – Philippines: Seeking to Use Negotiations and U.S. Ties to Counter China–Seeking-to-Use-Negotiations-and-U-S-.aspx

June 20 – India/Vietnam: Mutual Assistance to Deter China–Mutual-Assistance-to-Deter-China.aspx

June 16 – China/Sudan: Ignoring International Concerns, Beijing Welcomes Sudanese President–Ignoring-International-Concerns,-Beij.aspx

June 15 – Somalia/Indian Ocean: Piracy Expands in Range


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