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Published on Newsmax

In Foreign Affairs on July 19, 2011 at 11:52 am

As an an intern for Newsmax through the National Journalism Center‘s summer internship program, I have been privileged to attend hearings and write short articles and analysis on foreign affairs. Below are my first two published articles with Newsmax.


Analysis: China’s Corner on Rare Earth Metals
July 15, 2011

China has sought to corner the market on rare earth metals, a set of seventeen chemicals critical in the defense, aerospace, electronics, and construction industries. A recent alternative find of rare earth metals within the United States looks promising to break China’s stranglehold on the market. Read More.

Analysis: New Egyptian Cabinet Features Liberals
July 19, 2011

Prime Minister Sharaf has made stability in the Egyptian transition government his priority by appointing liberals to fourteen positions in his restructured cabinet prior to protests sponsored by liberal parties to be held in Tahrir Square scheduled for Friday.
Read more


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